It's more than just a shirt....

It was the dream of a 12-year-old girl to help others show their love of Smith Lake through the clothes they wear (and maybe earn enough money to purchase her first car in the process).

Now it has become more than a dream and more than a summer project:

It's a Smith Lake Tradition

     The Lake Co. was founded in 2012 by a twelve-year-old girl who just wanted to buy herself a car.

Now, a few years and a few product lines later, this small project

has expanded into a large-scale company that reaches lakes

all over the Southeast.

     Our flagship lake is Smith Lake, AL which was the first lake

that embraced our products and the dream of a young girl. This

company was originally named Smith Lake Life and, with the

expansion of the company and the addition of products, was re-named 

The Lake Co. We worked for a couple years only with Smith Lake but are now expanding every year to reach more and more lakes across the United States and spread our love of -and pride in- our lakes.

     Brooke, our founder and CEO, works closely with her mother, Melinda Edwards, to run this company. The Edwards are residents of Cullman, Alabama and spend their free time on Smith Lake: either boating, swimming, skiing, or simply taking in the natural beauty of the lake. Brooke currently attends The University of North Alabama and is pursuing a degree in Business Marketing and plans to return home to beautiful Smith Lake when she graduates to continue to grow this company.


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